Mary K Us


Hoboken, NJ

I’m so often occupied with trying to put forth good work to the world.
In a Hoboken Coffeehouse this morning I try to start the New Year
with a moment of quality reflection upon the previous year and I also
search for inspiring thoughts about the year ahead. However, I’m
powerless to not eavesdrop on two young Jersey women who are
discussing a promising Mary Kay 2012. Apparently one has just
recruited the other. Please pardon that there’s no quotation
marks. As you’ll learn, it really doesn’t matter who said what.

Rush out and get a fishbowl before they all sell out. Find a business
that will let you put a fishbowl on their front counter. What do you do
if they say no? Move on to the next store. Collect business cards by
offering free facials to one lucky drawing winner. Call all the cards
and offer the facials. I got your name from my fishbowl. Nobody has to
know know that you call everyone in the fishbowl. Offer them all
facials. Congratulations you’ve won a complimentary facial and skin
care consult. If you have a minute, I’d like to talk to you about Mary
Kay. Alot of times they’re so overwhelmed by winning that they’re
comfortable talking. Do you have to tell them you’re with Mary Kay?
Yes, because you don’t want to trick them. Just don’t say Mary Kay too
many times. I’m not as scared as I was but I need to make this money
back. I’m getting calls from credit card companies. Remember 24/24/24.
This is your goal – 24 facials in 24 days for 24 dollars each; but you
don’t want to do too much. This is a good investment I guess right?
This is basically a retirement plan right? You win stuff all the time
when you meet your goals – an insane amount of diamonds right?
How come you win all this stuff…I’m not sure I get it? It’s a multi-billion
dollar company. By you growing, the company makes alot of money but
it’s’ not a pyramid scheme because we are separate. We run our own
businesses. I told my mom about this and she told me about the pink
cadillacs but I want a black one with a pink interior. Are you going to
get a car? Yes but you’ve got get a team together. I know at least 10
girls who have cars. I’m not going to make this my life. This would
just be something to do between other jobs. You don’t have to make it
your full time job. You create friendships too. I love making new
friends. Me too! That’s the beauty of it. You filled out that card and
I came over to your house. Now we’re friends! Think of each card as
the start of a new relationship. I’m gonna give you 25 cards. Make
sure you spend no more than an hour and a half with each person. You
need quick turnover and everybody on point. You have to sound busy. I
have another appointment to go to. It’s soooo easy to spend all day on
one person. Help her to make a decison as to what products she wants
and doesn’t want. Can you print these cards out for me? No I’m out of
ink. Should I set up my website and try to get the cards printed?
Let’s practice. My first few calls I was a stuttering disasster. How
are you? My name is. Sometimes when you mention Mary Kay it goes
south from there but if they say “no” they haven’t tried us there’s your in.
I can customize a skin car line for you. How does that sound? What
day is good for you? Word it however.